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Advantage Moving and Storage offers a wide range of complete service ranging from moving your items to storing some of the items if you have more than you can accommodate in your new home or office.

Whether you are planning to relocate within the city, to another state or just any type of long distance moving, you’ll need a reliable, trustworthy and effective company to get you there. That is where Advantage Moving and Storage System comes in. We will gladly help you every step of the way, from planning your move to loading and offloading the last box and setting into your new home. The first step in using our service for a perfect and successful move is to fill out our free quote form. You will get your moving quote from our customer service literary within minutes, you are just a few clicks away from our very competitive moving estimate.

Why should you use Advantage Moving and Storage Service?

We have a network of the very best licensed and insured companies in the industry, this ensures that you get the best moving service with our service regardless of where you are located. Whether you are looking for local moving, long distance moving, storage service or commercial moving, Advantage Moving and Storage Service have you covered. Our service is very reliable and every single one of our clients are satisfied by our way of handling things.

We know the experience and frustration of dealing with an unprofessional moving company that is why we offer nothing but the best moving service that will wow you as our client. Our state of the art moving equipments are ready at your disposal and we have a team in place to help you with loading and offloading your items so that you don’t have to move a pin in the process. Our aim is to perfect your moving so that you get a one of its kind moving experience with us.

Advantage Moving and Storage System is licensed and perfectly insured so you can be rest assured your items are in good hands with our service. Our teams and staffs are very well trained and satisfied in their respective fields, with many years of experience. Despite the quality and effectiveness of our service, we offer the cheapest and pocket friendly prices in the industry.

Our storage service helps you store items you don’t have enough rooms for in your new home. We store your items for free for the next 3 months. Your items are very well preserved and save in our store. Our store is owned by us and managed by our staff. This ensures you get the best moving experience with our service.